Teaching Observations

CTSI staff can conduct in-person and online synchronous teaching observations for course offered on the St. George Campus only.

If your course is offered on the UTM or UTSC Campus, please see below for contact information:



For in-person and online synchronous teaching observations on the St. George Campus, please complete the form below.

CTSI’s Teaching Observations service is intended to provide instructors with formative feedback on their instructional practices in a class session (in-person or online synchronous). At an instructor’s request, a Faculty Liaison from CTSI attends a class session for one hour and provides constructive feedback.  

Teaching Observations are an effective means to gather formative feedback on one’s teaching in a low-risk context and to explore ways to strengthen instructional practices and achieve goals for student learning. 

The Teaching Observations process occurs in three stages: 

  • Stage 1: The instructor and observer meet for 30 minutes to determine the focus of the observation.  
  • Stage 2: The observer spends 1 hour observing the instructor’s class session. 
  • Stage 3: The instructor and observer meet for 1 hour to discuss the feedback from the observation.  

The pre- and post-observation meetings can occur in-person or virtually.

Please note: 

  • Teaching Observations will be conducted during regular business hours (9am-5pm)
  • When completing the request form, you can indicate your preferred timeline for the Teaching Observation. We will do our best to arrange the observation according to these dates. 
  • Teaching Observations should not be scheduled for the first or last day of class in a term, nor during sessions with tests/exams or guest lecturers. 
  • A Teaching Observation does not include a review of asynchronous materials (e.g., online learning modules and/or other pre-recorded video materials) and/or the Quercus course site. If this is of interest to you, learn more about requesting a Quercus Course Review. 
  • Academic units cannot request a Teaching Observation as part of a summative teaching evaluation process. 
  • The Centre for Teaching Support & Innovation (CTSI) will not conduct Teaching Observations as a formal part of a tenure or continuing status review, nor as part of a job application process. 
  • Given the time-intensive nature of a Teaching Observation, we ask that you submit only one observation request. It is likely that the feedback from one observation will be applicable to other courses you teach. Should a new need emerge, you are welcome to submit an additional request for a different course offering to be scheduled at a later time.
  • This service is designed to support academic courses.

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