Course evaluations in Quercus

What Can I Use It For?

Course evaluations play a crucial role in promoting teaching excellence at the University of Toronto by providing feedback that supports teaching and learning for students, faculty, and administrators.


Typical course activity format:
Synchronous or asynchronous
Quercus integration
Integrated tool

Where can I get more support?

Centrally funded

How to Get Started

Further information and resources for instructors, academic administrators, and students, is available on the course evaluations website:

Course Evaluations

How to Use This Tool

Course Evaluations integration with Quercus

Quercus has a Course Evaluation button on the global navigation toolbar which takes staff and students to the Course Evaluations course which has links to past feedback, student tasks, and instructor and administrator tasks.

course evaluations in quercus

There is also a pop-up that activates only if a student logging in also has an active Course Evaluation. The pop-up has a link to a Quercus page that shows links to all open Course Evaluations. To establish the pop-up connection, this part of the integration adds a link to each account’s “Profile”. The pop-up can be dismissed by clicking the “Remind me Later” button.

course evaluations popup in Quercus

Note: Instructor and staff flagged accounts do not get a pop-up as they will have no open course evaluations, but they will have the link in their profile.

Last Modified:

23 August, 2023

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