Teaching, Learning and Technology

2021-2022 Annual Report

Supporting instructors in the use of pedagogy-driven educational technology through consultations, programming, and the creation of resources, the Teaching, Learning and Technology (TLT) team works with colleagues in CTSI and across the University to meet and better serve the needs of our U of T community. Learn more about the team’s work in Intersections

ACT: Academic and Collaborative Technology
ACUE: Association of College and University Educators
ALC: Active Learning Classroom
AODA: Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act
CE: Course Evaluations team
DLI: Digital Learning Innovation
E&A: Evaluation and Assessment team
FAS: Faculty of Arts & Science
FASE: Faculty of Applied Science & Engineering
IRDG: Institutional Research & Data Governance Office
ITS: Information Technology Services
KPE: Faculty of Kinesiology & Physical Education
OISE: Ontario Institute for Studies in Education
OVPIUE: Office of the Vice-Provost, Innovations in Undergraduate Education
P&C: Programming and Communication team
SGS: School of Graduate Studies
SoTL: Scholarship of Teaching & Learning
TATP: Teaching Assistants’ Training Program
TFM: Temerty Faculty of Medicine
TLT: Teaching, Learning and Technology team
TRC: Truth and Reconciliation Commission
UTM: University of Toronto Mississauga
UTSC: University of Toronto Scarborough

Kathy Liddle
Kathy LiddleAssociate Professor, Teaching Stream, Sociology, UTSC
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Going through the Quercus course review was an invaluable and experience. The staff who worked with me were knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and incredibly organized. A structured initial meeting allowed me to explain how I felt about my current Quercus course design and what I most wanted to receive feedback on. After thoroughly reviewing my course, not only held an informative meeting with me where I received feedback and asked additional questions, but also provided a detailed document outlining the strengths of my design and where it could be improved, with very specific action items and resources. I felt like my time was valued and that every interaction was well thought out and incredibly beneficial.

Teaching, Learning and Technology Highlights

Piloting a new support model: Following consultations with the TLT advisory group, a new divisional liaison support model is now being piloted. The pilot will set the groundwork for improved communications with Ed Tech colleagues.

New tools: With the launch of three new tools in our Academic Toolbox (discussion tools, Ouriginal Plagiarism Detection, and Zoom), the TLT team provided responsive support and programming for instructors and staff.

Knowledge Base development: The Educational Technology Knowledge Base (KB). The new KB now serves as an entry point hub for faculty and other community members (Faculty and divisional Ed Tech professionals) to explore the vast array academic technology resources available to them.

Eszter Palancz headshot
Eszter PalanczAssistant Professor, Teaching Stream, Accounting Area, Rotman School of Management
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After many years of teaching accounting at the Rotman School of Management, I decided to participate in the CTSI Teaching Observation Program to consider new approaches and instructional strategies in my teaching. The constructive and kind feedback provided by Cora and Justin enabled me to create a more inclusive and resilient learning environment for my students. Their specific suggestions helped me to further democratize class participation, enhance my lecture design, and make my classroom a more productive and happy space.

My involvement with CTSI has given me the opportunity to reflect on my teaching and better understand the students’ perspectives. By implementing new instructional approaches and adjusting existing ones, I was able to boost student engagement, bring new energy to the classroom, and become a more compassionate educator. Thank you CTSI!
Sebastian BiscigliaInformation & Learning Technology, Faculty of Music
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I had the opportunity to partner with CTSI in a Quercus Course Review, working alongside Justin Fletcher and serving as the divisional co-reviewer of a Music Quercus course. Justin's expertise in course design and skilled leading of the process made this an amazing experience I learned most when our two reviews diverged: this exposed me to current best practices for course design, and these differences were a welcome reminder that everyone experiences a course differently. Here I’m thinking of Justin's feedback on the use of colour in the course site: he flagged the accessibility concern but also wondered if the colour signified anything about the course structure (e.g., point values, topic, etc.).
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Samantha ChangFaculty Liaisons, Pedagogical Support, FAS
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As part of the A&S Teaching & Learning team, I've had the pleasure of working with the CTSI team to provide formative feedback to A&S instructors about their past, current, or future Quercus course shells. The collaboration between the central and divisional teams enriches the instructor's experience and provides feedback from multiple perspectives and contexts. The pedagogical and technological expertise partnership encourages reflection and innovation for using Quercus to support teaching and learning at the Faculty of Arts & Science and reinforces the plethora of support available to instructors at the University of Toronto.
Samantha Chang
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