What Can I Use It For?

Gravic Remark Office OMR software is user-friendly, while providing a rich feature set. No need for special pre-printed forms, dedicated hardware or number 2 pencils.

Create multiple choice tests that fit your needs using any word processor, printer, and paper. Using a scanner or multifunction printer, the completed test answer sheets are scanned into the software and graded. Run reports with the built in analysis components. Output results to an extensive variety of formats.

This Academic Toolbox tool helps you...
Assess student work & provide feedback
Typical course activity format:
Quercus integration

Where can I get more support?

Centrally funded

How to Get Started

Support is direct with the vendor, Gravic. Please see their web site for a free demo and tour of Office OMR at

The software license is free to departments – contact us at

How to Use This Tool

Advanced test grading reports and options
Student reports, demographic comparison reports, standards based achievement, multiple answer keys and more.

Advanced survey reports and statistics
Survey statistic and item analysis reports, demographic comparisons, advanced auto filtering and reporting and more.

Export data and statistics
Easily export raw data to over 35 different formats including SPSS, Excel, Access
Export reports as PDFs or HTML
Export test grades to a variety of gradebooks or student management systems

Last Modified:

8 September, 2022

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