Student Response Systems

What are student response systems?​

Student response systems allow you to engage your students in a live class by soliciting responses to questions or polls in real-time.  Depending on the student response system you choose, they can use their own internet-connected device, or a physical hand-held unit.


Available student response systems at the University of Toronto:


iClicker logo

For information on using iClickers and integrating with your Quercus course, please visit our iClicker Support Tool Guide.

If you require any technical support regarding iClickers, please contact your divisional support representative.

Microsoft Forms

Forms logo

With Microsoft Forms, you can create surveys, quizzes, and polls and see results in real-time.

Microsoft Forms is part of the Microsoft Office 365 suite of tools available to Faculty. Consult the EASI Forms site for more information.

Webinar tools:

Polling with Microsoft Teams Meeting:

You can use Microsoft Forms to create polls before your Microsoft Teams meeting, then launch them during it so attendees from any endpoint (mobile, web, desktop) can view and answer. You can even poll attendees before your meeting and collect information ahead of it.

Follow these instructions to learn more and how to poll attendees during a Teams meeting.


Polling with Zoom:

This feature allows hosts to create sing choice or multiple choice polling questions that can be launched during a webinar. The poll can be downloaded after the webinar. Polls can be conducted anonymously or with names. Refer to Zoom Knowledge Base on Polls for details on how to set up polls.

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