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What Can I Use It For?

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Microsoft Teams Meetings sessions can be created from directly within Quercus courses for online/remote course delivery. This allows instructors to quickly enable remote learning for students by creating an audio or video meeting from Quercus.

Special Notes

Please be Advised : Creating meeting links using the MS Teams meeting plugin in Quercus does not work when using Safari. If you would like to create meeting links with the Teams Meetings Integration, please use Chrome or Firefox.

Please note the following when creating Microsoft Teams Meetings from within Quercus:

  • Meetings will only appear in the course calendar when they are created using the Rich Content Editor in the Calendar tool (Links to an external site.).
  • Meetings scheduled through Quercus will not appear in your Outlook calendar or any other external/personal calendar. You will need to manually update your personal calendar.
  • The option to create Teams Meetings is not available in the Rich Content Editor for New Quizzes.
  • Users who do not have a UTORid can join the meeting.


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Microsoft Teams Meetings can also be created directly within Quercus courses using the Rich Content Editor  in Announcements External Link iconAssignments External Link iconDiscussionsPagesClassic Quizzes, and the Calendar External Link icon.

Updates to Microsoft Teams Meetings can be found in EASI Connect+Learn Sessions. You will be able to keep up-to-date with new features and tips and tricks for using Teams Meetings.

For information on MS Team Meetings session capacity,  who can access the sessions, dial-in options and support contacts see A Quick Comparison of U of T Supported Enterprise Video-Conferencing & Video Meeting Resources .


  • Access Microsoft Team Meetings

    Access Microsoft Team Meetings

    To access the Microsoft Teams Meetings integration from the Rich Content Editor, select the Microsoft Teams Meetings icon from the Rich Content Editor.

    MS Teams Meeting - access course from Rich Content Editor

    If the icon is not visible, select the 3 dots icon to access the Microsoft Teams Meetings icon.

    MS Teams Meeting - icon to open up more options on Rich Text menu

  • Sign in to Microsoft

    Sign In to Microsoft

    When Microsoft Teams Meetings is opened from the Rich Content Editor.

    Sign in by clicking the Sign in button [1]. You may be prompted to log in to Microsoft 365 with your University of Toronto email address.

    Create a conference link by clicking the Create meeting link button [2].


    MS Teams Meeting Sign-In Screen

    Note: You may need to periodically log in to Microsoft if you are adding multiple links to Quercus (Canvas).

  • Create a Meeting

    Create a Meeting

    Enter a meeting title [1], date [2], and time [3]

    Click Create [4]

    MS Teams Meeting - Set date and time and select Create button

  • View Confirmation

    View Confirmation

    View the confirmation that your meeting was created [1].

    To join the meeting, click the Join Microsoft Teams Meeting link [2]. To manage meeting options, click the Meeting options link [3]. NOTE: see View Meeting options below for more information.

    To add a meeting link to the Rich Content Editor, click the Copy button [4].

    MS Teams Meeting - confirmation checkmark and link to meeting that can be copied

  • View Meeting Options

    View Meeting Options

    View the options for your meeting. To determine who can bypass the meeting lobby, select an option from the Who can bypass the lobby? drop-down menu [1]. This option can be set to:

    • Everyone
    • People in my organization, and
    • People in my organization and trusted organizations.

    To determine who can present, select an option from the Who can present? drop-down menu [2]. This option can be set to:

    • Everyone,
    • People in my organization,
    • Specific people, and
    • Only me.

    To save your options, click the Save button [3].

    MS Teams Meeting - Set options for 1 Who can bypass lobby and 2 Who can present

  • View Link

    View Link

    The Microsoft Teams Meetings session link will display in the area where it was added to your Quercus course.

    MS Teams Meeting - Link shown in Quercus course

  • Other Methods for Creating a Teams Meeting

    Individual meetings can also be scheduled from your Calendar.  Select a time on your calendar. Select More Details in the lower right corner. Fill in meeting details, turn on the Teams Meeting slider, select individuals to invite, and click Send.

    Channel meetings can be started within the channel.  Select the Meeting link at the top right of the channel and fill in the meeting details and send to invited participants. The meeting link will appear at the bottom of the event details.

    For details on these methods, please refer to Microsoft Support to Schedule a meeting in Teams. External Link icon



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12 December, 2023

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