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What Can I Use It For?

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Quercus provides several built-in options for communicating with your students, including Announcements External Link  and Conversations/Inbox External Link.

Email is another means of communicating with your students.  The instructions will explain how to download a list of your students’ email addresses from Quercus.

When sending mass communications to students via Announcements on Quercus or email, please ensure the contents respect the University’s policy on Appropriate Use of Information and Communication Technology. We suggest being mindful of the volume of communications to students throughout the course and keeping contents related to the course learning goals.

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How to Get Started

Use the UT Advanced Group Tool to download a list of student emails. This feature is available to a Teacher, TA, Course Staff, Grader, Designer, or Librarian.


  • 1. Enable the UT Advanced Group Tool

    Enable the UT Advanced Group Tool

    Note: The UT Advanced Group Tool is only accessible to users enrolled in a course as a Teacher, TA, Course Staff, Grader, Designer, or Librarian.

    1. In your Course Navigation Menu, click Settings.
    2. From the tabs at the top, click Navigation.
    3. Select and drag UT Advanced Group Tool up from the bottom list of hidden navigation items to the top list of visible items. Place it where you would like it to appear in the course menu.
    4. Select Save at the bottom.
  • 2. Export your class roster as a CSV file

    Export your class roster as a CSV file

    1. Select UT Advanced Group Tool from the Course Navigation Menu.
    2. Select Export Group Roster.
    3. Select Generate course roster report.
    4. Navigate to the Inbox tool in the Global Navigation Menu.
    5. Open the message received from UTAGT Admin User. 
    6. Download the CSV file attached to the Inbox message.
Privacy Considerations

If you are emailing more than one student, you should include students’ emails in the BCC field of your email client to protect student privacy.

Learn more about Student Responsibility and Course CommunicationsExternal Link

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7 December, 2022

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