Online Assessment Tools

Overview of Assessment tools in Quercus

Quercus offers several assessment tools you can use to assess student learning in your courses and monitor student progress across learning outcomes, including Assignments and Quizzes.


View our individual Tool Guide pages for more information on:


The peerScholar peer assessment tool enables students to provide constructive feedback on each others’ work and facilitates critical reflection on how they might improve their own work. peerScholar targets meta-cognitive thought processes, even in very large class contexts.

peerScholar is an integrated tool/option in Quercus. It appears as an option when creating a Quercus Assignment.

Querus Assignment Peer Review

The Quercus assignment tool has an optional peer review feature:


Rubrics can be used for increasing grading efficiency, improving students’ understanding of expectations, and monitoring performance. Once you create a rubric (Links to an external site.), the rubric is saved in your course for future use. You can add the rubric to a graded Discussion (Links to an external site.), a Quiz (Links to an external site.), or an Assignment (Links to an external site.) and use the rubric  (Links to an external site.) to grade submissions in SpeedGrader (Links to an external site.). Created rubrics can be managed in the Manage Rubrics page (Links to an external site.).

Non-Scoring Rubrics

If you would like to create a rubric with grading criteria but with no point values attached, you can create a non-scoring rubric by checking the Remove points from rubric box when you add the rubric and select its settings. You can use non-scoring rubrics to assess student submissions in SpeedGrader (Links to an external site.).     

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