Course Design

CTSI has collected, or provided links to, information to assist instructors in the design and implementation of courses.



Reflections on Course Design at U of T

Prof. Andrea Most, Department of English


“A visual summary of the course syllabus for a graduate level course in the Master of Biotechnology program (BTC1600H).  A simpler version of this visual is also used for a more structured undergraduate course.  The figure summarizes the steps students must  go through to identify a medical product in the market place and find a new way to improve its sales revenue.  Usually, students come up with a minor design change or new market application.  Circular arrows warn students of areas that they will likely where they will likely have to repeat steps and back track in their project if further analysis reveals that their idea is not viable.  The flow chart shows how we draw together disparate disciplines, from business, clinical, regulatory, legal and basic science.” 

Jayson Parker, Medical Biotechnology Analyst, Department of Biology

Visual course syllabus

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